Aug 27, 2007

nice day with Richred and michael

form right(rich-mustaf-ahmed salah-ahmed mahmoud-michael,s father)

Today freeze contacted me and told me that he wants to go today to the city center for walking
then i phone to mostafa to tell him about this meeting,,,
we met in the subway,,It was boring day and we dont what we do.mostfa suggested that entering the cinema.

Ahmad suggested walaking and Looking at the girls But as usual, I can not propose something in the presence of Ahmed @ Mustafa

We sat at the cafe adjacent to the place ..and we started talking about working conditions for all of us, and summer conditions,money and many things.we was sitting at the table adjacent three persons, two were speaking English there were 3 guys sitting and talking and one of them was , i think , egyptian .

They were playing table,,,But Ahmed did not know the name of this game, although he taught English
It was thought to ask Egyptian man who sits with foreigners, but I told him it was embarrassing
But Ahmed did not hear me and start to question the man on the name of this game in English
A man was good and gentil man , and invited us to sit with them to chating,,,
we Start to identify each other,

The first was called (Michael) 23 years form America, "Washington".His father is Egyptian
The second called (Rich) but he not Rich,,,,,,hahahahahah.. he said that for fun

From that moment felt that we were with good people..Michael was to open a dialogue on the questions about life in Egypt who work in Egypt and on our lives,We talked more time on film and the film industry, music and cultural differences between Egypt and Britain and America
It seems that Michael is good work in an interview with the new people and that personal leadership
But Rich seemed a little embarrassment in the first meeting,But Rich personality seems calm and he,s looks like the artist or painter or known journalist or director.
It was amusing when Rich gave us cigarettes.I discovered he smoke Egyptian cigarette but iam smoke British cigarette .This position was very funny.

I discovered that the American people and the British is very cool , very amusing and they Know the Egyption is nice and fun also.
We exchange Emails and facebook to be in constant contact..
At the end of the long dialogue for two hours. micheal's father payment expense drinks.The position was noble and wonderful it
we thanks them for this wonderful time, and I hope to see them in other time .

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