Aug 26, 2010

"Cairo Exit"
"Film house predication "

فيلم "الخروج"" من الافلام المستقلة التى تم انتاجها فى عام2010 انتاج شريف مندور صاحب فيلمى عين شمس وهوليوبس ويعد التجربة الثالثة للشريف مندور فى نظام الافلام الديجتال او المستقلة
الفيلم من بطولة محمد رمضان فى اول بطولة مطلقة لة. والوجة الجديد "مريهان" شقيقة الفنانة "روبى" واحمد بدير والفنانة المغريبة "سناء موزيان" و"صفاء جلال"و"محمد الصاوى"و"محمد جمعة"و " احمد كمال" الفيلم قصة"هشام عيسوى و ألكسندرا كينياس"و اخراج هشام عيسوى

Hesham Issawi was born in Egypt and raised in a devoutly intellectual Egyptian family. He moved to America in 1990 to study anthropology.
In America he changed his major from anthropology to art and photography. This is where he learned his love of light, the ability to show emotion through shadow and painting a story through the lens. He changed his major to film-making.

He attended film school, Columbia College/Chicago, and Graduated in 1999. Issawi began his career working in local TV station as an editor and in the documentary world before directing a few short subjects of his own. In 2000 he C0- Produced the Documentary, “Saving the sphinx,” for the Learning Channel.

In 2002 Issawi love o
f noir Films manifested in his short Film, The Interrogation, which he wrote and directed. It won Best Creative Short film in New York Film Festival and Best Music Score in the California International Film Festival. In 2003, he Co-wrote and directed the short film, T For Terrorist, winner of Best Short Film in both Boston and San Francisco Film Festivals. In 2006 he directed his feature debut,

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