Aug 23, 2007


The first film in the Saw trilogy chills the spine as two men race against the clock to find a way out of the Jigsaw killer's deadly maze.
"I want to play a game." Those are the ominous words uttered to unwitting victims by the elusive serial killer known only as Jigsaw. The games are twisted as they are lethal, and people are forced to injure or kill themselves as they try to escape his deathtraps.

In an unknown location, two men wake up in a decrepit restroom. Dr. Lawrence Gordon (Cary Elwes) and Adam (Leigh Whannell) don't know why they are there. There is a dead man lying on the floor between them with a tape recorder clenched in his hand. Dr. Gordon and Adam find tapes in their pockets which fit in the recorder, and the voice they hear has a different message for both of them. Dr. Gordon now has a task to complete in order for his wife and daughter to survive. He must kill Adam.

There is a short flashback to some of Jigsaw's earlier victims and an appearance is made by Danny Glover, who plays Det. Tapp. He has a partner named Det. Sing (Ken Leung) who figure out where Jigsaw might be hiding and they immediately decide to make an arrest. But things don't go as planned. Det. Sing is killed and Tapp is severly injured from a knife wound inflicted by Jigsaw, who then escapes.

Det. Tapp is no longer with the police force but is determined to track Jigsaw down. Meanwhile, Dr. Gordon and Adam are frantically trying to figure a way out of the seemingly inescapable prison they are in. Thick metal chains around their ankles prevent them from moving very far, and their mutual suspicion of each other grows by the minute. Dr. Gordon was considered a suspect in the Jigsaw killings by Det. Tapp and Adam, as it turns out, was paid to follow and take photos of the doctor. Time is running out, however, for Dr. Gordon's family and himself.

Like many other people who cannot tolerate being trapped in a locked room, Dr. Gordon and Adam begin to show signs of psychological distress as the deadline for Adam's death approaches. An orderly at Dr. Gordon's hospital named Zep (Michael Emerson), who made a very brief appearance earlier in the film has become an unwilling participant in Jigsaw's game. He is holding Dr. Gordon's family hostage and sets out to kill them. There is a subsequent struggle with Det. Tapp, who is later killed by a gunshot wound. The final scene is gory, and ear shattering as screams of pain and disbelief are heard from Adam and Dr. Gordon, who severes his foot with a hacksaw found inside the bathroom.

The death toll mounts as Zep enters the restroom and is bludgeoned to death by Adam. Dr. Gordon, who is quickly going into shock from massive blood loss, crawls out of the room with a promise to return with some help. But......Adam realizes that his fate is sealed as the dead man in the middle of the floor begins to stand. He takes one look around the room and tells Adam that the key to the chain around his ankle is in the bathtub next to the wall.

But there is no key, and Adam is trapped. Jigsaw has planned his vicious little game to perfection, as all of his victims have turned on each other and killed themselves. He walks out of the decaying restroom and slams the door shut, and the film ends with Adam screaming in the dark all by himself.

Game over.

Jigsaw is played by Tobin Bell, who reappears in both of the Saw sequels. Watch out for Shawnee Smith, who plays the role of Amanda in all three films and eventually becomes a student of Jigsaw's grisly trade.

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